We deliver top-quality devices that provide reliable connectivity and automation in harsh industrial settings. Whether enabling device monitoring on the plant floor or allowing managers to securely access data centers, our communication products are purpose-built to drive productivity through seamless interoperability and visibility across your operations.

24 Products

Freewave Cable, Expansion Module
Freewave Antenna, Whip/Stub, 900 MHz
ABB Upgrade Kit for External USB Type A
ABB TFIO Communications Module, Gray
ABB Communication Module, RS485
ABB Communication Module, RS232
ABB Combo Digital Module Assembly, TFIO
ABB Cable, Y type, USB
ABB Cable, RF SMA to Type N, 18in
ABB Cable, I/O Modules, 44in
ABB Cable, I/O Modules, 24in
ABB Analog Module Assembly, TFIO, 8/AI