Freewave Radio, 900 MHz, Cathodic Protection

900 MHz Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring Radio, Board Level, Frequency Range 902 to 928 MHz, Non-UL Approved, Data Throughput - 115.2 kbps Standard Speed
The FGR2 Cathodic Protection remote monitoring radio is a multi-purpose, spread spectrum radio with specific inputs and outputs for monitoring and reporting operational values on pipelines, tanks, structures and other underground facilities subject to environmental corrosion. Designed to be compatible with other FreeWave radio products, the FGR2-CP is ideal for pipeline and tank companies wishing to extend their investment in telemetry automation to Cathodic Protection structures as well. Multi-purpose, all-in-one radio modem. Open protocol communications - uses open modbus and extended modbus. No Obsolescence -100% backwards compatibility with all legacy FreeWave 900 MHz products. No Recurring Monthly Costs (you own your own communication network). Each FGR2-CP can perform as a Slave radio, a Repeater and simultaneous Slave/Repeater. Supply voltage +10 to +30 VDC. Current draw is less than 8 mA, 12 VDC in linked idle mode, and less than 60 mA in receive mode. FHSS technology and user programmable security features prevent detection or unauthorized access.