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ABB XRC6490-0021, OBS Remote Controller, Serial/ENet

OBS Remote Controller, Serial/ENet
Item #: XRC6490-0021

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XRC G4 6490 Remote Controller with Display and Keypad, PCCU Serial and Ethernet MMI, 2x RS485 Communication Modules. Includes 20in Battery Cable for External Battery and 2in Pipe or Wall Mounting Kit XRC6490Y-65A-1AE-3BR-2IE-90K-9B-20D-5L-6A-8G-10A-12AXX-13AA-14A-25A-26BE-27A-28A-43B-50L-1AR-AP04-2WB-3HP-46A-NST00-53A-6900-80AM-91A-92A Y - NRTL/C certified to install in Class I, Div 2 area 1AE - Nomenclature Unit Drawing 3BR - G4 XRC Controller Board Kit 2IE - Enclosure Assy, Type 3R, with display and keypad, supports G4, XRC6490 90K - MMI External, Includes both PCCU Serial & Ethernet 9B - Communication Module, RS485, standard pick 20D - Communication Module, RS485, standard pick 5L - Cable, 20 inch, for use with external battery, 16 AWG, with 16-14 AWG butt splice 8G - Mounting Kit, for 2 inch pipe mount or wall mount. 26BE - Tag, XRC G4, 6490 size Enclosure 43B - Keypad Kit. Includes: keypad, 2100619-001 cable and hardware. 50L - Target Device, for XRC G4 board 1AR - 32 BIT, WINCE OS, XRC AP04 - Additional Software Apps, if more than 4 free Apps are required. User selectable. 2WB - Flash, 32 Bit TFL .APP-CE PLATFORM,US Web Page, XRC G4 3HP - Config File, Std, 1 AGA3 Tube via AI'S,G4-XRC 80AM - Manual, startup guide for XFC/XRC G4 (English Translation) The XRC G4 is the fourth generation of Totalflow RTUs. Benefits and features of these particular products include: –– Automation, control, alarming and data logging capabilities –– Base I/O targeted at low-cost, automation projects –– Local display and optional keypad –– Quick, easy installation –– Flexible communications –– Onboard Ethernet –– Comprehensive custody-quality math and data history –– Backward compatibility –– Extendable hardware and software With low power, accuracy and system integrity built-in, these devices are proven daily on thousands of sites. Totalflow products provide users the best opportunity for successful projects – site-by-site or system-by-system. *** This product is highly customizable. This is a common configuration but if it does not meet your unique needs, please contact us for a quote on your exact configuration. ***

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  • XRC 6490
  • None
  • 15.00 lbs per EA
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