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ABB XRC6490-0007, OBS, G4, See XRC6490-0087

OBS, G4, See XRC6490-0087
Item #: XRC6490-0007

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XRC G4 6490 Remote Controller with Display and Keypad, PCCU Serial and Ethernet MMI, 2x RS485 Communication Modules. Includes 2in Pipe or Wall Mounting Kit XRC6490Y-65A-1AE-3BR-2IE-90K-9B-20D-5A-6A-8G-10A-12AXX-13AA-14A-25A-26BE-27A-28A-29A-30A-31A-43B-50L-1AR-AP04-2WB-3HP-46A-NST00-53A-6900-80AM-91A-92A Y - NRTL/C certified to install in Class I, Div 2 area 1AE - Nomenclature Unit Drawing 3BR - G4 XRC Controller Board Kit 2IE - Enclosure Assy, Type 3R, with display and keypad, supports G4, XRC6490 90K - MMI External, Includes both PCCU Serial & Ethernet 9B - Communication Module, RS485, standard pick 20D - Communication Module, RS485, standard pick 8G - Mounting Kit, for 2 inch pipe mount or wall mount. 26BE - Tag, XRC G4, 6490 size Enclosure 43B - Keypad Kit. Includes: keypad, 2100619-001 cable and hardware. 50L - Target Device, for XRC G4 board 1AR - 32 BIT, WINCE OS, XRC AP04 - Additional Software Apps, if more than 4 free Apps are required. User selectable. 2WB - Flash, 32 Bit TFL .APP-CE PLATFORM,US Web Page, XRC G4 3HP - Config File, Std, 1 AGA3 Tube via AI'S,G4-XRC 80AM - Manual, startup guide for XFC/XRC G4 (English Translation) The XRC G4 is the fourth generation of Totalflow RTUs. Benefits and features of these particular products include: –– Automation, control, alarming and data logging capabilities –– Base I/O targeted at low-cost, automation projects –– Local display and optional keypad –– Quick, easy installation –– Flexible communications –– Onboard Ethernet –– Comprehensive custody-quality math and data history –– Backward compatibility –– Extendable hardware and software With low power, accuracy and system integrity built-in, these devices are proven daily on thousands of sites. Totalflow products provide users the best opportunity for successful projects – site-by-site or system-by-system. *** This product is highly customizable. This is a common configuration but if it does not meet your unique needs, please contact us for a quote on your exact configuration. ***

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  • XRC 6490
  • None
  • 15.00 lbs per EA
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