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Thermon 16080, Heat Transfer Compound, 1 Gallon

Heat Transfer Compound, 1 Gallon
Item #: 16080

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Heat Transfer Compound, 1 Gallon Container Size, Water Soluble, Black Paste, 700°F Maximum Exposure Temperature, -320°F Minimum Exposure Temperature, 32°F Minimum Installation Temperature, 0.34 ohms-inch Nominal Electrical Resistivity T-3 is a heat transfer compound that hardens when cured. T-3 heat transfer compound creates an efficient thermal bond between a steam or electric heater and process pipes or equipment. A single Thermonized steam tracer utilizing Thermon’s heat transfer compound is more cost effective than a contoured clamp-on jacket and has the equivalent performance of three (or more) bare tracers. T-3 is typically utilized for applications with maximum exposure temperatures of 700°F (371°C). To minimize waste and speed installation, use Thermon’s ChannelTrace system featuring TFK channels. The ChannelTrace system provides protection prior to installation of thermal insulation and invites no special curing procedure for the T-3 heat transfer compound. Benefits: • Free design assistance for Thermonized tracing • Increase heat transfer rates significantly over bare tracing, reducing number of tracers and steam traps • Water-soluble for easy cleanup

Item Specifications

  • 1 Gallon
  • 16.86 lbs per EA
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