Winn-Marion Detect-A-Fire 210 DAF Setpoint

SKU: 12-E27120-022
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire Switch. Vertical Mount. NC, 190°F and 5 Amps.
Set point of 140 °F and the contacts open on temperature rise. This model is a vertical mount detection and release device for fire protection. The contacts are rated for 5 Amps (125 VAC) and .5 Amps (125 VDC). Designed with rate compensation that accurately senses air temperature and activates at precisely the determined temperature chosen. The 2712O are mounted via a 1/2" 14NPT thread into a junction box on the ceiling. The unit has 6-inch leads. CE, UL, ULC, and FM certified. Explosion Proof ratings are Class I, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Groups E, F and G.