Valmet Wafer-Sphere Butterfly Valve, 3in, ANSI 300, SF, CS

SKU: 3 830L1122HBXZC
Series 830 ANSI Class 300 Butterfly Valve: 3", Carbon Steel, Single-Flange Lugged Body Style. Xtreme seat & carbon-filled enhanced PTFE seal.
Robust engineering designed by Metso. Flexible lip seat technology. Low emissions stem seal technology. Fire-tested & cryogenic designs. High cycle options. High quality. Very long service life. Bubble tight shut off. Low fugitive emissions. Automatable. Lip-seal design compensates for temperature and pressure changes. No additional o-rings or metal parts required to maintain tightness. Tight shut-off in either direction. No seat/disc contact in the open or intermediate position. Reduces torque requirements, allowing for smaller operators.