Thermon Thermostat, E4X/7-35235JB, SPST, 35-235F

SKU: 17235
Adjustable Control Thermostat with NEMA 4X/NEMA 7 enclosure. SPST Switch Type, 35°F to 235°F Adjustable Control Range. 6’ Capillary Length. 125/240/277/480 VAC, 30/30/25/15 Amps Switch. Nickel-Plated Copper Bulb and Capillary Material. 300°F Maximum Bulb Exposure Temperature.
The E4X/7-35235JB is an adjustable control thermostat for freeze protection and temperature maintenance applications requiring pipewall or tankwall sensing. The design permits its use as a junction box for connecting the heating cable to power by using the optional mounting kit (TM4X for ordinary locations or TM7 for Division 2 hazardous locations). Thermostat features an epoxy-coated cast aluminum NEMA 4X/NEMA 7 enclosure to provide watertight, dust tight, corrosion-resistant and explosion-proof protection to the thermostat switch. Approved for use in both ordinary (non-classified) and hazardous (classified) locations. Notes: The National Electrical Code, Article 427-56(b) states: “Temperature- controlled switching devices which do not have an “off” position shall not be required to open all ungrounded conductors and shall not be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means.” The E4X/7-35235JB thermostat has no “off” position and therefore may be used for switching one conductor of a two-phase heating circuit. The E4X/7-35235JB utilizes two 1” NPT conduit hub openings for the mounting expediter and incoming power. The thermostat includes an internal grounding terminal and is available with an optional TB2F terminal block.