Thermon Thermostat, B4X-15140, SPDT, 15-140F

SKU: 17198
Adjustable Ambient Control Thermostat with NEMA 4X Enclosure. SPDT Switch Type, 15°F - 140°F Adjustable Control Range. 125/250/480 VAC and 22 Amps. 160°F Maximum Bulb Exposure Temperature. Stainless Steel Bulb Material.
The B4X-15140 provides ambient sensing control of electric heat tracing circuits for freeze protection of piping and vessels. This adjustable thermostat can be used to control a single heating circuit or as pilot control of a contactor switching multiple heat tracing circuits. An epoxy polyamide coated die-cast aluminum NEMA 4X enclosure provides watertight, dust tight and corrosion-resistant protection to the thermostat switch. Approved for use in ordinary (non-classified) locations. Ordinary Locations. Note: The B4X-15140 utilizes a 1/2” NPT conduit hub with an internal grounding terminal. The external bonding terminal is not to be used as the primary equipment grounding terminal. The internal grounding terminal shall be used as the primary equipment grounding means and the external grounding terminal is only for a supplemental (secondary) bonding connection where local authorities permit or require such a connection.