Thermon RGS Self-Regulating Cable, 120V

SKU: 21703
RGS Self-Regulating Heating Cable. 120 VAC. Polyolefin Outer Jacket. 30 mA Ground-Fault Protection Required. 1.25" Minimum Bend Radius
RGS self-regulating heating cables are part of the Thermon SnoTrace family of snow and ice melting systems. Designed and approved specifically for roof and gutter applications, RGS withstands direct exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Due to its self-regulating feature, RGS cable will increase power when exposed to ice and snow. When the cable has cleared the area, the power output will decrease to reduce energy consumption. Easy to Design and Install. With cut-to-length parallel circuitry, RGS cables do not require field dimensions of the areas requiring protection. The cable may be simply pulled from the supply reel, cut to length and terminated in the field with ordinary hand tools. Easy-to-use roof and gutter accessory materials, plus Thermon circuit fabrication kits, complete installation. RGS self-regulating cables are protected by a tinned copper braid for grounding plus a heavy polyolefin outer jacket containing a UV inhibitor. These components maximize protection during cable installation and enable years of exposure to the elements. RGS self-regulating cable is inspected along its entire length to verify performance. Backed by the first North American heat tracing manufacturer with ISO 9001 registration, RGS cables are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the commercial construction industry. CSA and UL Listed. Note: The National Electrical Code and the Canadian Electrical Code require ground-fault protection of equipment for each branch circuit supplying electric heating equipment.