Thermon HPT Power-Limiting Cable, 10 W/ft, 240V

SKU: 25832
10 w/ft @ 50°F Watt Density, 240 VAC, Fluoropolymer Overjacket, 374°F Max. Maintenance Temperature, -60°F Minimum Installation Temperature
High performance HPT power-limiting heating cables are designed specifically for process temperature maintenance or freeze protection where high maintain temperatures or high temperature exposure is required. A coiled resistor alloy heating element provides the power-limiting feature of HPT. This PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) characteristic decreases the cable’s power output as the heat-traced product temperature increases and allows the cable to be overlapped during installation. The composite construction of the heating element and fiber substrate, plus an additional fiber cushion layer, provide an exceptionally durable high performance heating cable. HPT cables are approved for use in ordinary (non-classified) areas, hazardous (classified) areas, and Zone 1 and 2 classified areas.