TLV SJ3-2 Free Float Steam Trap, 3/4in

SKU: 0034SJ32
Free Float Steam Trap with Three-Point Seating and Thermostatic Air Venting. Socket Welded. 3/4", Cast Iron, 2 Orifice No., Max Operating Pressure 30psi.
Constant water seal and unique rotational seating design eliminate concentrated water to ensure long life. Precision-ground float, three-point seating and constant water seal ensure steam tight-seal, even under low load condition. Float with up to 1740psi hydraulic shock rating ensures excellent resistance to water hammer. Easy, inline access to internal parts to simplify cleaning and lower maintenance costs. Durable thermostatic air vent for exceptionally fast start-up. Extremely soft near-to-steam temperature discharge for safety and environmental considerations.