Flowserve Logix 520MD Single Valve Positioner

SKU: 349156.999.000
The Logix 520MD Series combines superior positioning and tuning functions with convenient setup and powerful, easy-to-use diagnostic tools, unlike other positioners that have only one gain. Model code is 520MD+14-W1R100-000-0000.
The Logix 520MD positioner uses a multi-variable gain-tuning algorithm that allows the positioner to make large step changes with minimal overshoot, while achieving the resolution to respond to very small step changes. Features HART Command 1, 3, 9, 33 & 48 and Burst Mode available for continuous data transmission. Position command with analog 4-20 mA loop current. Final value of command after characterization. Onboard temperature sensor to measure local positioner ambient temperature. Stroke speed limiter, step test, friction test, HRL and data logger.