Fairchild Model 10BP Back Pressure Regulator

SKU: 10242BP
Model 10BP is a high-capacity regulator that relieves excess pressure in a pneumatic system. Provides greater accuracy than relief valves over a narrow pressure range.
Functions by maintaining a pre-set minimum pressure at the inlet side of the flow. Typically uses a spring-loaded diaphragm that presses against an orifice to regulate pressure. 1/4" NPT inlet/outlet. 1-60psi. Suitable for liquids or gases. Knob adjustment allows setting desired back pressure setpoint. Does not require power source to operate. Strictly mechanical regulation. Rugged industrial design. Easy in-line installation. Features control sensitivity of 1/8" water column. A separate Control Chamber and Aspirator Tube isolate the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing. Unit construction allows service without removing it from the line. Highest accuracy pressure regulator available.