Bright Automation Wireless Load Cell/Accelerometer

Wireless Integrated Load Cell and Inclinometer combines weight and movement sensing in an industrial wireless package for load monitoring, condition-based maintenance, and safety applications.
Integrates a load cell and 3-axis accelerometer into a single wireless sensor package. Load cell measures weight/force while the accelerometer measures acceleration and tilt. Allows real-time wireless monitoring of load and movement of equipment/machinery. Uses 2.4GHz wireless protocol to transmit sensor data to control systems. 4-20 mA Analog Output, 9-36 VDC Power Supply (the unit is fully solar-powered). Suitable for monitoring crane loads, robotic arm loads, conveyor loads, and more. Helps prevent overloading and detects excessive movement/vibrations. Early warning of issues improves safety and prevents costly damages. Battery powered for cable-free convenience and mobility. Long battery life. Rugged IP67 housing withstands harsh industrial environments.