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ABB XCORE-2424-001, RTU,24x24,2xCMI,ENET,5p,2p,300mhz

Item #: XCORE-2424-001

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ABB XCORE 24in x 24in x 12in Enclosure w/ RMC-100, 2x Communication Modules, Ethernet MMI, 24VDC. Includes 5-Port Ethernet Switch, 2-Port Serial Converter, Integral Wall Mount XCORE-65AX-1HP-3AA-9F-20F-2KK-90DA-56R-104B-105BA-12A-29A-8PAAG-26A-10A-22C-23B-21D-2KI-3QC-AP04-46A-NST0-6900-91A-92A 1HP - Nomenclature Unit, 24x24/36x30, XCORE 3AA - RMC ENCLOSURE ASSEMBLY 9F - CMI, Communication RMC Module 20F - CMI, Communication RMC Module 2KK - Enclosure, 24X24, XCORE 112B - Door, full silkscreen, 24X24, XCORE 90DA - Ethernet MMI Kit 104B - Ethernet Switch, 5 Port Installation 105BA - Serial Converter, 2 Port Installation 8PAAG - Integral Wall Mount, 24V Power 22C - Flash, Boot 1, Secure With Keys 23B - Flash, OS, Linux 2.12.X 21D - Flash, OS DT300, RMC 2KI - Flash, Standard Application, RMC 3QC - Config File, Standard, Basic Apps Only, RMC AP04 - Additional Software Apps, if more than 4 free Apps are required. User selectable. The RMC-100 controller is designed to improve modularity and scalability for our customers. The controller is DIN rail mounted, which allows more packaging options than prior XSeries platforms. With these goals in mind, ABB has also designed a new “Total Package” solution, the XCORE, to house the RMC-100. There is no other platform in the industry with such a dynamic range. A single RMC-100 is capable of managing liquids and gas measurement, automation, and asset data concentration in large production and transmission facilities, all the way down to an RTU for smaller systems. This eliminates the uncertainty in trying to choose a closed-ended model of a product family that will offer the adaptability needed to survive an ever-changing industry. The RMC-100’s expandability and scalability will ensure it will remain an asset for many years into the future. *** This product is highly customizable. This is a common configuration but if it does not meet your unique needs, please contact us for a quote on your exact configuration. ***

Item Specifications

  • RMC-100
  • None
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