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Winn-Marion Companies is comprised of two separate companies, all working together to provide state-of-the-art automation solutions through superior sales, service, and innovation with an unmatched commitment to quality:

Winn-Marion Barber, LLC - Manufacturer's Representative, Service Provider, Distributor, Turnkey Automation, Troubleshooting, Production Enhancement

Winn-Marion, Inc - Controls Integration, Plant Process, Engine, Turbine, Generator

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When logged into your Winn-Marion account, your name is followed by a number, i.e., Name (12345). The number indicates your unique Customer Code ID. This number identifies and details all of the sales history, and other information as it relates to your Customer or Company transactions.
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Not all products are available in every territory that Winn-Marion services. When logged into your account, only the products that are available in your service area will be available for purchase. Should your organization have multiple locations that may reside within the Winn-Marion distribution territory, please contact us so that you have access to all available products. 
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Creating a new e-commerce account is as easy as 1-2-3! For a detailed look, click here.
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