Application: Specialized Industrial Electrical Services - Heat Trace, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)


Finding a reliable, factory-certified industrial control electrician to provide turnkey solutions - from panel design, installation, certified motor startup, electrical system upgrades, heat trace design and installation, and troubleshooting can be challenging. Winn-Marion's electrical team provides that, and more, and works hard to keep your equipment running efficiently.


Winn-Marion is a factory-authorized ABB Certified Motor Start-up VFD Industrial Electrical Contractor. With on-site repair service, you can safely minimize production and process downtime. 

A one-year extended warranty applies to ABB VFD startup services provided by Winn-Marion on ABB ACS660, ACS580, ACS800, DCS800, & ACS880.

Motor & Drive Rebate

Business electricity customers of Xcel Energy in Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico may qualify for a Motor & Drive Efficiency Rebate.

Over the lifetime of a motor, the initial capital outlay only makes up five-percent of the total cost. The other 95-percent comes from the energy required to run the motor and motor driven equipment. Use Xcel Energy's rebates when Winn-Marion installs a qualifying variable frequency drive (VFD).